Following is a sample of Ben's publications illustrating the breadth of his interest since 1992:

Defiance and Surrender, 1992

The Devils within Us, 1992

Healing the Sexual Split between Tenderness and Aggression, IIBA Journal: Bioenergetic Analysis, 1993, Vol.5, No.2.

Bioenergetic Boundary-Building, IIBA Journal: Bioenergetic Analysis, 2006, (16).

Your Core Energy is Within Your Grasp, IIBA Journal: Bioenergetic Analysis, 2008, (18).

Rekindling Pleasure: Seven Exercises for Opening your Heart, Reaching Out and Touching Gently, IIBA Journal: Bioenergetic Analysis, 2009, (19).

Regaining Pleasure in Your Ongoing Sexual Relationships, 2011

The two articles noted below (full text) you may read here:

  1. Misdiagnosed? — The Flaccid Schizoid Character Structure by Bennett Shapiro, PhD, unpublished, 2007.

Polskie tłumaczenie powyższego artykułu pt. "Błędnie zdiagnozowani? - wiotka schizoidalna struktura charakteru" można przeczytać tutaj:

2. Will Iceberg (client) sink Titanic (therapist)? Avoiding Collisions and Collusions instigated by the Dark Sides of Client and Therapist: A Bioenergetic Approach by Bennett Shapiro, PhD, IIBA Journal: Bioenergetic Analysis, 2000, Vol.13, No 1.

Polskie tłumaczenie powyższego artykułu pt. "Czy góra lodowa (klient) zatopi Titanica (terapeutę)?" można przeczytać tutaj: